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Anomalies of History

Historical anomalies started happening in conjunction with the rise of the Roman Catholic Church and have continued to this day. The first anomaly was when the Catholic Christians took over the Roman Empire infrastructure like a hermit crab does when it squats in the shell of a sea snail. For some unknown reason, Emperor Constantine conveniently went east to Istanbul to rule over the Byzantine Empire thus leaving the western part of the Empire to the Popes.

The second anomaly has to do with Clovis being recruited to destroy the much greater European populations of Arian Christians who believed that Jesus was a prophet sent by God, not the son of God. Oddly enough, the history books refer to the Arian Christians as barbarians.

The third anomaly has to do with the Popes anointing kings and having them rule over the different parts of Europe. Again, history books are very vague when referring to the Holy Roman Empire. As a matter of fact, they first refer to it as being a German Empire, although France was its cornerstone from the very beginning. To be sure, the Holy Roman Empire was European although it wasn’t referred to as such, and it unofficially started with Clovis.

The fourth anomaly is due to the fact that the Catholic Church of Rome was the undeclared financial power of Europe. And because it was a spiritual power, it had to disguise its temporal power any way it could. Great families like the Medicis handled the cash while the Popes used diplomacy, intermarriages, crusades, wars, inquisitions in order to encourage their kings to keep Europe Catholic. The reason history is so boring is because it focuses on dates and details instead of on the why. It’s much like today when we concentrate on what the US President does instead of on the why as dictated by the House of Rothschild residing in the City.

The fifth anomaly is much more interesting, for it deals with how these bankers destroyed the very inefficient Holy Roman Empire as a financial power and replaced it with the best and most efficient system imaginable: credit. First, they created a parliament in 1689 and had the people elect their representatives. The latter, in wanting to do things before the taxes were collected, a very human foible that the bankers were betting on, started borrowing from the bankers in 1694. The parliamentarians ran the country but could only do what the bankers allowed them to do or what the bankers decided to finance. For the first time in their history, the bankers not only controlled credit but were sure of having their loans repaid, and the Industrial Revolution naturally followed. As common man started having access to credit, it became the golden age of mankind.


Who’s Big Brother?

The problem with terms such as, capital, finance and credit is that they are forever misused or misunderstood.

-The Crown of England has a lot of capital but it has no power.

-When you receive a small credit (a loan) from the local bank you have a little bit of power, but it’s totally dependent on somebody else’s power.

-When you finance a project, again you go to a bank, a bigger one this time, and again you have power as long as that bank doesn’t call in the credit (the loan).

          It seems that the one supplying the credit, no matter how big or small, has the power. Now what if that someone prints all the paper money in the world? That would mean that he holds the ultimate power.

          We know that the dynasty that financed the American War of Independence starting in 1775, created the Bank of North America in 1781, financed the construction of the White House in 1792, and the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, is the same dynasty that went on to create the American Market Economy and the FED. If we take a close look at the US Dollar bill, for instance, we see that it belongs to the FED, not the US Government. The FED is made up of private bankers and has never had an independent audit, something Ron Paul has been fighting for, for years. All the currencies of the world were fixed to the US Dollar in 1944 which means that the FED has been controlling all the currencies of the world all that time.

          Now then, the dynasty that has most of the gold ever produced is sitting in the City in London, not New York, and that’s where the real power lies. That dynasty has been setting the price of gold worldwide since 1810. It has a name; it’s called the Rothschild Dynasty. So, all the Central Banks of the world answer directly and indirectly to the FED which in turn takes its cues from the City in London. This is a situation that will never change because the Rothschild Dynasty has all the gold. No one can compete with this dynasty in the paper money field or any other field. It’s the only game in town.

          The head of the Rothschild Dynasty, someone very few people know, and that includes the members of the Bilderberg Club, could definitely be called Big Brother. He can make the humble Chinese grow skyscrapers instead of rice, make Greece buckle under in order to force the Europeans to get their fiscal act together, and Make GM go bankrupt in order to kill unions and bring high salaries in line. Since increasing or decreasing at will the credit needed by countries and conglomerates, and controlling all the currencies, and, therefore, all the Central Banks of the world, is the FED’s role, we can without hesitation say that the one who dictates to the FED is the one that we call Big Brother, and he resides in the City.

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