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Glorious Revolution-3

For a while, the City financiers in London saw their Dutch counterparts as their enemy and engaged them in several naval battles. However, by the end of the third Anglo-Dutch War, the bankers on both sides realized how futile the whole thing was and they struck a deal. Because of its many advantages, they decided to make the City in London the new financial capital of the world. In 1677, the bankers arranged a marriage between William of the House of Orange and a very unhappy 15-year-old, Mary II of Scotland. Later, in 1688, James II, Mary’s Catholic father, conveniently fled to France and William invaded England without firing a shot, an event known as the Glorious Revolution. Then, in 1689, the Immortal Seven handed the couple the British Crown and the British Parliament was created after William and Mary signed the Bill of Rights, a bill which gave Parliament supreme authority and precluded future royal papist descendants. The final phase occurred in 1694 when the Bank of England was created and when the bankers took control of the British monetary system.

What is never mentioned is that the William-Mary couple was not a union made in heaven. When Mary was introduced to William, she was twelve years old, and she found William quite repulsive. They were married when she was fifteen and she cried throughout the ceremony. She had a very unhappy life, especially while in Amsterdam, where she lived for the first eleven years of her marriage. William had undefined sexual tendencies and he spent most of his time leading a double life away from home. Mary finally made it home to England in 1688. She died at age thirty-two while William ruled Britain and the Netherlands until his death in 1702. They had no children.

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