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Glorious Revolution-2

For over 1000 years the Roman Catholic Church ruled Europe. Although built on the vow of poverty, it was the first international financial power that the world had ever seen. The courts of Europe were filled with the Pope’s representatives and they ruled very inefficiently using diplomacy and intrigue. That’s why when Henry VIII told the Pope that he was the boss in England, England had effectively seceded from the Holy Roman Empire. That, in turn, meant that the Crown had to rethink its financial structures and go to the private Jewish bankers for help. However, unlike what was happening in the Netherlands, in England, the Jewish bankers were barely tolerated, for Henry VIII and the aristocracy were still very much Catholic. That’s why the London bankers trailed behind the Dutch bankers for such a long time.

 Because the papists in Ireland, Scotland, and England, still represented a considerable force, religion continued to play a major role in England. In Ireland, for instance, the English Protestants didn’t even try to promote cohabitation. They simply came in as brutal conquerors and, not surprisingly, it triggered many atrocities on both sides. In 1572, Elizabeth I’s decision to do a bit of ethnic cleansing by chasing the Irish Catholics out of  Ulster’s six counties in the North of Ireland and replacing them with Royalists and Puritans, would weigh heavily on the future of Great Britain and cause enormous pain and suffering in Ireland, as well as England, for centuries to come. Although mostly Jewish, the bankers, then and now, believe in religious freedom. Religion was the reason Cromwell failed them the first time round, but they now knew how to go about creating a representative Parliament, Democracy, and hence, taking control of the monetary system.

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