The Money Tower

Of all the gold ever produced in the world only around 15% is accounted for. Close to 150000 tons of bullion has vanished.

Given that Mayer Amschel  Rothschild had, since 1773, always made a point of buying up and storing bullion, and since the family had all the gold and was already setting the price of gold in 1810 out of the City in London which it does to this day, we can assume that they have the missing gold. That mountain of gold never moves; it only grows. If it moves, it moves in the form of paper or electronically.

Not having the least competition, HR (the House of Rothschild) is free to use all the paper it wants. That’s why the US$ isn’t worth the paper its printed on and why people around the world have no choice but to keep using it as a reference.

All the currencies of the world were tied to it at Bretton Woods in 1944, and that meant that, thereon in, the FED indirectly controlled all the currencies of the world through the individual countries’ Central Bank.

The FED, HR’s head office, can increase credit or reduce credit at will and to any country or major corporation it wants. It can make China grow skyscrapers instead of rice, make GM go under, or put a stranglehold on the PIGS countries.

The FED with its US$ is like a water tower whose water is turned on and off by means of taps. Adjusting the flow of credit and channelling it in the desired direction is child’s play, especially when all the players involved are never audited (are not accountable to any governement) and, today, can make transfers at the speed of light.

Why can’t the smart guys see that? Not one of them has commented on my book? Very strange!


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