Stealing the American Pie

When Mayer Amschel Rothschild brokered the soldiers-for-America deal for Prince William, he wasn’t as wealthy and powerful as the City bankers in London, but he had foresight.


We’ve already seen how the bankers got together in London after the Glorious Revolution in 1688, and how they created a Parliament in 1689 and the Bank of England in 1694. Because of the great political stability, the bankers didn’t hesitate to finance all the R&D they could, and a period called the Industrial Revolution followed.


The English bankers were making a lot of money with the triangular trade but the European continent with its wars and great populations was a much more lucrative place to invest. Moreover, the bankers were more interested in destabilizing the Holy Roman Empire than listening to the complaints coming out of the 13 Colonies.


Not so for Rothschild. When he sent Haym Salomon as his agent toAmerica, he knew exactly what he would do. He would finance the Patriots using the gold earned brokering the Hessian soldiers deal. It’s hard for us today to imagine how insignificant the 13 Colonies were compared to Europe—New York City had a population of 14000—and how a low budget operation financing the Patriots was. That plus the fact the English weren’t prepared to have Englishmen fighting Englishmen made it very easy for Rothschild. Luck did help, however, when his agent was asked to broker the huge French aid package. Creating the Bank of North America was in the pocket.


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