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Big Brother Loves Gold

The gold he got for brokering the Hessian Soldiers for America deal in 1773, the gold he got for providing logistics for them in the 13 Colonies in 1775, and the gold aid package he brokered for the French during the War of Independence in 1778, plus the trillions in gold that the French real estate scam of 1789 generated were such that, by 1810, in the space of some 35 years, Mayer Amschel Rothschild and his son Nathan had taken control of the Bank of England and created the Bank of North America. His dynasty that, at the tme, was composed of his five sons was holding most of the European gold. As early as 1810 the Rothschilds were dictating the price of gold out of the City in London, as they continue to do today.

The gold produced following Napoleon’s grab of the Ural gold in Russia in 1812, and all the other gold bullion produced by the gold rushes in the world since then has been bought up by the Central Banks that are all controlled by the House of Rothschild, or HR, through the Federal Reserve Board.

As much as 200 thousand tons of gold have been produced so far in the world. If the Central Banks of the world officially hold around 30 thousand tons, and if the private sector holds around 10 thousand tons of physical gold in jewelry, it means that there probably are as many as 160 thousand tons missing. Granted, many individuals hold paper that gives them title to gold, but they hold paper, not physical gold.

The dynasty that holds all that physical gold bullion in their vaults and that buys up all the gold as it is produced controls all the monetary systems of the world through the FED. If we want to know if the FED owns and prints the US Dollar, all we have to do is read what’s written on the face of the bill: the US Dollar is a Federal Reserve Board Dollar.

The  gold bullion can be stashed anywhere in the world; it doesn’t matter as long as it’s safe. Gold bullion does not move, it is just held. Paper moves, and today the ETF is replacing paper and uses the electronic highways. As for the US Dollar, it doesn’t matter what it’s worth as long as it’s the only game in town.

If HR has been fixing the world price of gold since 1810, and if it controls the FED, prints the US Dollar, and if all the currecncies of the world are tied to the latter, we can safely say that we have finally identified Big Brother.


Who’s Big Brother?

The problem with terms such as, capital, finance and credit is that they are forever misused or misunderstood.

-The Crown of England has a lot of capital but it has no power.

-When you receive a small credit (a loan) from the local bank you have a little bit of power, but it’s totally dependent on somebody else’s power.

-When you finance a project, again you go to a bank, a bigger one this time, and again you have power as long as that bank doesn’t call in the credit (the loan).

          It seems that the one supplying the credit, no matter how big or small, has the power. Now what if that someone prints all the paper money in the world? That would mean that he holds the ultimate power.

          We know that the dynasty that financed the American War of Independence starting in 1775, created the Bank of North America in 1781, financed the construction of the White House in 1792, and the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, is the same dynasty that went on to create the American Market Economy and the FED. If we take a close look at the US Dollar bill, for instance, we see that it belongs to the FED, not the US Government. The FED is made up of private bankers and has never had an independent audit, something Ron Paul has been fighting for, for years. All the currencies of the world were fixed to the US Dollar in 1944 which means that the FED has been controlling all the currencies of the world all that time.

          Now then, the dynasty that has most of the gold ever produced is sitting in the City in London, not New York, and that’s where the real power lies. That dynasty has been setting the price of gold worldwide since 1810. It has a name; it’s called the Rothschild Dynasty. So, all the Central Banks of the world answer directly and indirectly to the FED which in turn takes its cues from the City in London. This is a situation that will never change because the Rothschild Dynasty has all the gold. No one can compete with this dynasty in the paper money field or any other field. It’s the only game in town.

          The head of the Rothschild Dynasty, someone very few people know, and that includes the members of the Bilderberg Club, could definitely be called Big Brother. He can make the humble Chinese grow skyscrapers instead of rice, make Greece buckle under in order to force the Europeans to get their fiscal act together, and Make GM go bankrupt in order to kill unions and bring high salaries in line. Since increasing or decreasing at will the credit needed by countries and conglomerates, and controlling all the currencies, and, therefore, all the Central Banks of the world, is the FED’s role, we can without hesitation say that the one who dictates to the FED is the one that we call Big Brother, and he resides in the City.

The assignat scam

Mirabeau easily convinced his fellow Parliamentarians that printing paper money backed by the soon-to-be-confiscated Church property was the most expedient way to get revenue. Since the Church property could not be seized and sold overnight, paper assignats backed by that same property could be printed in 1,000 £ denominations and sold for hard currency ahead of the sales. The properties would be sold at auction at some later date and only those people holding assignats would be allowed to bid for them.

At this point, it should be said that fiat money and counterfeit money are very close cousins and that a counterfeiter isn’t so different from a banker. For instance, the FED and a counterfeiting ring are both made up of private individuals who print money, so it boils down to a question of who commands the most confidence. And in spite of the fact that the Federal Reserve Dollar isn’t a United States of America Dollar, the whole world is tied to it, uses it, and trusts it. Does it mean that the FED is the greatest counterfeiting ring of all time?

Regardless, with the assignat, the name of the game was counterfeiting, and since Rothschild was the greatest paper money man of all time, after conceiving the assignat plan, he got Weishaupt to recruit Mirabeau in order to implement it. In the process, Rothschild must have kept his idea to himself, for Weishaupt and the Illuminati would have been appalled at Rothschild’s plan to print mountains of counterfeit assignats in order to buy up the confiscated Church property that was intended for the poor.

Upon seeing the assignat become legal tender , the City bankers were quick to get on the bandwagon. They printed huge quantities of assignats and saturated the French market in no time. They obviously wanted the assignat to depreciate to the point of becoming worthless, thereby destroying France’s ability to redress its finances. In the meantime, Rothschild was buying up the confiscated Church property sold at auction through his agents—mostly Dutchmen—who outbid everybody using their inexhaustible supply of fake assignats. When metal currency was re-established, Rothschild started reselling the properties for real money and buying up all the gold he could get his hands on. His eldest son, Nathan, was sent to open a bills of  exchange office in England in 1798, and that’s where all the gold went. The scam generated trillions of today’s dollars, but more importantly, in just a few years, Rothschild and his five sons controlled most of the gold in Europe. By 1810, Nathan was acknowledged by the City Bankers and the European leaders as being the most powerful man in the world.

A little luck helps

When Haym Salomon arrived in Philadelphia in 1778, the Treaty of Alliance with France had just been signed. That was the year the French started supplying the Colonies with some twenty million pounds’ worth of gold in financial and military aid, an amount equivalent to forty billion of today’s dollars. It was a considerable package and the French needed a broker in Philadelphia. As it turned out, Salomon cut such a figure and had such an impressive brokerage house, the anti-Semite French went to him in spite of the fact that he was a Jew. He was named broker to the French Consul, Treasurer of the French Army, and fiscal agent of the French Minister to the United States, and it all happened within the space of a few months after his arrival in Philadelphia in 1778. These extraordinary developments were either due to a prodigious miracle, or are the absolute proof that he was reunited with the gold he had to have had in New York in 1775 and that he’d used it very effectively.

Haym was indispensable to the war effort. He issued a lot of paper backed by the French gold, and soon the gold was all spent. The successful French went home while the spent gold remained in America safely under Salomon’s control. In 1781, all the available gold in America, some 500 tons, was thus in Rothschild’s care, and he would get more, a lot more. Of the more than 150000 tons of gold bullion produced to this day, at least 120000 tons are unaccounted for; they are spent and resting somewhere safe.

New World Banking

The main reasons the bankers had for creating democracy in 1689 was to have the people’s representatives run the country, borrow from the bankers’ central bank, and collect taxes in order to repay the loans. Democracy and credit have been interdependent from the very beginning. If you have one without the other for whatever reason, there’s chaos, and what’s happening in Greece today exemplifies this.

 In 1694, banking was national; there was only one central institution, the Bank of England, and credit was limited to Englishmen. It became international when the Bank of North America was created in 1781 making credit available to the businessmen of another land, the USA. The man responsible for the creation of that bank was Mayer Amschel Bauer, alias Rothschild. He wasn’t handicapped by mundane concepts such as patriotism and nationality, and he was such a visionary that he already knew how he would go about creating the first and greatest market economy in the world, that of the USA.

 The absolutely indispensable building block to this financial edifice would be gold and we’ll see how he eventually ended up with most of the gold ever produced in the world, more than 150000 tons of the stuff.

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