The English are Wimps

The English often think of themselves as a super race, but in fact they’re wimps. When the Pope sent a crusade to England in 1066, William the Conqueror became king after the Battle of Hastings, and the papist kings continued to rule right up to Henry VIII and beyond. King Harold II, who died in 1066, was the last English King to rule over England, for it was the House of Orange that took over from the papist kings in 1688. Because William and Mary, for obvious reasons, had no children, the germanic kings took over in 1714, starting with the House of Hanover, and rule to this day.

Following Henry VIII’s tantrum in the early part of the 16th century, the Pope sent, in 1588, another crusade that history refers to as the Spanish Armada. By this time, the Jewish and Huguenot financiers, who were busy creating a new English financial infrastructure in order to replace that of the Church of Rome, had financed the construction of a considerable navy, and the English defeated the Spanish Navy, albeit with a little help from Mother Nature. The end result was that the remaining papist forces in Britain were further weakened, and the Spanish colony in Holland became independent.

The Jewish bankers, known as the new Protestants, were quick to establish themselves in Amsterdam, and the Dutch ruled the waves for the next hundred years.

Starting in the 1650’s, the Amsterdam and London bankers fought several naval battles in order to establish their supremacy, but the battles didn’t achieve much, and since they were of the same breed they decided, in 1677, to join William of Orange and Mary Stuart, a very odd couple, in holy matrimony.

The child Mary was devastated, and after living 11 years in Holland with an absent and weird husband, to the relief of Mary, the couple was encouraged to invade England with a 5000-men army. They arrived in London in 1688 without firing a shot, and the Immortal Seven, as they were known, handed them the keys to the city.

The bankers then created the first real Parliament in 1689 and followed that up with the Bank of England in 1694.

Modern England has never had an English sovereign.


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