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Praise be to Bankers

The Catholic Christians took control of the Roman Empire around 325 AD. Their first king, Clovis, started cleaning up the Arian Christians at the end of the 5th century. Soon all the Arians Christians of Europe were either massacred or forced to convert to the Catholic Christian faith. Jesus was now officially son of God throughout Europe.

Then all the newly anointed kings managed the Holy Roman Empire making sure that everybody adhered to the Nicean Creed. The Pope ruled the empire using diplomacy, contracting intermarriages among the royal families and having the kings make war when required. When a large group defied the official religion, massacres, inquisitions, crusades and abominations of all kinds were used to bring the heretics in line. For instance in the case of the Albi Crusade in 1209, the entire population of Cathars was butchered over a period of fifty years, several hundred thousand individuals in all.

Nevertheless, the Jews and the French Huguenots never stopped practicing their faith. Henry IV, a protestant converted to Catholicism for the cause, almost succeeded in establishing religious freedom in France, but he was assassinated and protestants were persecuted with renewed vigor.

As stated in a previous blog, the protestants and the Huguenots established themselves first in a pro-protestant Amsterdam and then joined forces with their counterparts, in 1688, in London. They created the English Parliament in 1689 and the Bank of England in 1694, and from there, they went on to destroy the Holy Roman Empire.

The bankers had thus established democracy and the credit system as we know them today, and it was a great day for the whole of mankind. Although the English bankers didn’t yet have a notion of what a market economy was, it wouldn’t be long before Mayer Amschel Bauer would take control of the Bank of England and create the greatest market economy the world has ever known, that of the USA.

Praise be to that great man, the greatest man who ever lived, bar none!


Glorious Revolution – 1

It seems that many people know the year 1688 as the year of the Glorious Revolution in England. However, not many understand that it had to do with the Dutch financiers who ruled the waves for much of the 17th century, and the English financiers in the City who were hell-bent on creating an English Parliament. Jews and Huguenots, the perennial enemies of the Church, made up both groups. It was only a question of time for them to come together and create the English Parliament and the first commercial bank ever, the Bank of England.

In the 16th century, William the Silent, also known as William of Nassau and Prince of Orange, had succeeded in freeing the Netherlands from the grip of Catholic Spain. Over the years he and his descendants welcomed hundreds of thousands of Jews, new Christians, as they called themselves, and Huguenots, persecuted Protestants from France, to Amsterdam. Thanks to this influx of businessmen and financiers, Amsterdam became the trading capital of the world and the Dutch ruled the waves for much of the 17th century. It’s a well-known fact that New Amsterdam—the city that was to become known as New York in 1667—was officially created by the Dutch East India Company in 1625, and that the Cape of Good Hope, which was also a Dutch East India Company outpost, was created in 1652. The Dutch had a very strong naval presence, both military and merchant, in Amsterdam, New Amsterdam and the Cape, and they controlled the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

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