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Stuck in the Present

Before we broke the time barrier, we were stuck in the present like all animals on earth. We responded to stimulus, and that was that. The day we realized we would someday die is when we started tying the past, present and future together. That’s what we call intelligence or godliness.

Nonetheless, common man was socially victimized right up to the ‘English Industrial Revolution’ in 1694, the year the Bank of England was created, and especially the ‘American Industrial Revolution’ in 1781, the year the Bank of North America was created.

Bankers, in wanting to create wealth, went about loaning money to the Governments in order for them to create jobs for common man. Parliament in England and Congress in the US then collected the taxes in order to make sure their loans were repaid. That’s what we call democracy; it’s a win-win situation for all concerned.

Since those revolutions, common man has looked towards the future in wanting to create, build, invent and dream. The last two hundred and some years have offered common man the best opportunities that man has ever known. No group of common people in the whole history of mankind had ever had it so good.

Nowadays, it seems that the opportunities offered common man for creating, building, inventing and dreaming are on the wane. We don’t care much to look at how we got here—how our financial world was created—and we don’t see much hope for the future. We’re stuck in the present once again.

The only hope common man has, if he wants to avoid being ever more victimized by Big Brother, is to understand how Big Brother created the world of finance in the first place, for only then will he see how he can start dreaming again. And that’s what my research is all about.


Anomalies of the AD Era

If we read the previous entries and believe that WWI was instigated by HR in the City, and financed by the FED, we can only conclude that something went very wrong, for the war to end all wars stopped like a wet firecracker after human loss of unbelievable proportions. Here’s why WWII was immediately put on the drawing board.



On the western front, the Americans had landed in France in June 1917. On the eastern front, following the October Revolution in 1917, Lenin took the Russians out of the war on December 23rd of that same year. Just when the East-West squeeze to destroy what was left of the Holy Roman Empire in Europe was on, Lenin who was a patriot and wanted agrarian reforms for his people, backed out. That’s why he was assassinated and replaced by Stalin. If we don’t believe it, maybe we should look at the events that led to Louis T. McFadden’s death.



Louis T. McFadden’s was Chairman of the very prestigious House Committee on Banking and Currency from 1920 to 1931. He accused HR’s FED of having caused the Great Depression, and also of having funded the Bolshevik Revolution, and in 1932, he moved to impeach President Hoover while bringing conspiracy charges against the FED. Again in 1933, he moved to impeach the Secretary of the Treasury, two assistant Secretaries of the Treasury and the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve, as well as the officers and directors of the FED’s twelve regional banks. Both legal actions failed, and there followed three attempts on his life. The first one was when two bullets missed him as he was getting into a cab. A second attempt was when he was poisoned at an official banquet and survived thanks to an on-the-scene doctor who quickly diagnosed his ailment and pumped out his stomach. Unfortunately, the third attempt was successful; he died of poisoning on a visit to New York City in 1936.



The two world wars represent the greatest historical anomalies of the AD Era and are explained in much greater detail in my book entitled FED-ility. Some may think that the two wars were a great thing for mankind while others may think the very opposite. But what’s important is to understand how Big Brother—he’s been around since 1773— operates, for only then will we live with less stress and fully take advantage of the benefits produced by the great market economies that were created in America, then in Europe (not quite finished), and now in China.

Big Brother Loves Gold

The gold he got for brokering the Hessian Soldiers for America deal in 1773, the gold he got for providing logistics for them in the 13 Colonies in 1775, and the gold aid package he brokered for the French during the War of Independence in 1778, plus the trillions in gold that the French real estate scam of 1789 generated were such that, by 1810, in the space of some 35 years, Mayer Amschel Rothschild and his son Nathan had taken control of the Bank of England and created the Bank of North America. His dynasty that, at the tme, was composed of his five sons was holding most of the European gold. As early as 1810 the Rothschilds were dictating the price of gold out of the City in London, as they continue to do today.

The gold produced following Napoleon’s grab of the Ural gold in Russia in 1812, and all the other gold bullion produced by the gold rushes in the world since then has been bought up by the Central Banks that are all controlled by the House of Rothschild, or HR, through the Federal Reserve Board.

As much as 200 thousand tons of gold have been produced so far in the world. If the Central Banks of the world officially hold around 30 thousand tons, and if the private sector holds around 10 thousand tons of physical gold in jewelry, it means that there probably are as many as 160 thousand tons missing. Granted, many individuals hold paper that gives them title to gold, but they hold paper, not physical gold.

The dynasty that holds all that physical gold bullion in their vaults and that buys up all the gold as it is produced controls all the monetary systems of the world through the FED. If we want to know if the FED owns and prints the US Dollar, all we have to do is read what’s written on the face of the bill: the US Dollar is a Federal Reserve Board Dollar.

The  gold bullion can be stashed anywhere in the world; it doesn’t matter as long as it’s safe. Gold bullion does not move, it is just held. Paper moves, and today the ETF is replacing paper and uses the electronic highways. As for the US Dollar, it doesn’t matter what it’s worth as long as it’s the only game in town.

If HR has been fixing the world price of gold since 1810, and if it controls the FED, prints the US Dollar, and if all the currecncies of the world are tied to the latter, we can safely say that we have finally identified Big Brother.

Who’s Big Brother?

The problem with terms such as, capital, finance and credit is that they are forever misused or misunderstood.

-The Crown of England has a lot of capital but it has no power.

-When you receive a small credit (a loan) from the local bank you have a little bit of power, but it’s totally dependent on somebody else’s power.

-When you finance a project, again you go to a bank, a bigger one this time, and again you have power as long as that bank doesn’t call in the credit (the loan).

          It seems that the one supplying the credit, no matter how big or small, has the power. Now what if that someone prints all the paper money in the world? That would mean that he holds the ultimate power.

          We know that the dynasty that financed the American War of Independence starting in 1775, created the Bank of North America in 1781, financed the construction of the White House in 1792, and the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, is the same dynasty that went on to create the American Market Economy and the FED. If we take a close look at the US Dollar bill, for instance, we see that it belongs to the FED, not the US Government. The FED is made up of private bankers and has never had an independent audit, something Ron Paul has been fighting for, for years. All the currencies of the world were fixed to the US Dollar in 1944 which means that the FED has been controlling all the currencies of the world all that time.

          Now then, the dynasty that has most of the gold ever produced is sitting in the City in London, not New York, and that’s where the real power lies. That dynasty has been setting the price of gold worldwide since 1810. It has a name; it’s called the Rothschild Dynasty. So, all the Central Banks of the world answer directly and indirectly to the FED which in turn takes its cues from the City in London. This is a situation that will never change because the Rothschild Dynasty has all the gold. No one can compete with this dynasty in the paper money field or any other field. It’s the only game in town.

          The head of the Rothschild Dynasty, someone very few people know, and that includes the members of the Bilderberg Club, could definitely be called Big Brother. He can make the humble Chinese grow skyscrapers instead of rice, make Greece buckle under in order to force the Europeans to get their fiscal act together, and Make GM go bankrupt in order to kill unions and bring high salaries in line. Since increasing or decreasing at will the credit needed by countries and conglomerates, and controlling all the currencies, and, therefore, all the Central Banks of the world, is the FED’s role, we can without hesitation say that the one who dictates to the FED is the one that we call Big Brother, and he resides in the City.

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