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French Revolution was a sham

In 1792,France had a Constitutional Monarchy and most Provinces had elected representatives. The political situation resembled very much that of England, so why the Terror later on that year?


That summer, France celebrated Federation Day and the whole population, from the lowly peasant to the sophisticated aristocrat, was happy. It’s probably the only time in all their history that the French were genuinely proud and happy as a people.


A little later that year, contrary to all common sense, the people working out of the Paris City Hall hired thugs to go and kill inmates in selected prisons, hospitals, and asylums of the Capital. The workers would go out in the morning, come back to get paid at night, and would repeat the process the next day. It’s obvious that someone wanted to stop the Constitutional Monarchy dead in its tracks. The blood kept flowing for a couple of years, and the great majority of those guillotined were ordinary folk, innocent of all crime. The only purpose of the Terror was to have blood flowing and scare the hell out of the aristocrats who for the most part fled the country. Their properties were then seized and sold at auction and the people who bought the properties with counterfeit assignats later sold them for real money and became insanely rich.


In 1794, a fellow called Barras, the ‘scumbag king’, came along and had all the mad dogs guillotined, and the Terror ended just as suddenly as it had started. The French Revolution wasn’t a popular movement; very powerful people had made it happen.


The assignat scam

Mirabeau easily convinced his fellow Parliamentarians that printing paper money backed by the soon-to-be-confiscated Church property was the most expedient way to get revenue. Since the Church property could not be seized and sold overnight, paper assignats backed by that same property could be printed in 1,000 £ denominations and sold for hard currency ahead of the sales. The properties would be sold at auction at some later date and only those people holding assignats would be allowed to bid for them.

At this point, it should be said that fiat money and counterfeit money are very close cousins and that a counterfeiter isn’t so different from a banker. For instance, the FED and a counterfeiting ring are both made up of private individuals who print money, so it boils down to a question of who commands the most confidence. And in spite of the fact that the Federal Reserve Dollar isn’t a United States of America Dollar, the whole world is tied to it, uses it, and trusts it. Does it mean that the FED is the greatest counterfeiting ring of all time?

Regardless, with the assignat, the name of the game was counterfeiting, and since Rothschild was the greatest paper money man of all time, after conceiving the assignat plan, he got Weishaupt to recruit Mirabeau in order to implement it. In the process, Rothschild must have kept his idea to himself, for Weishaupt and the Illuminati would have been appalled at Rothschild’s plan to print mountains of counterfeit assignats in order to buy up the confiscated Church property that was intended for the poor.

Upon seeing the assignat become legal tender , the City bankers were quick to get on the bandwagon. They printed huge quantities of assignats and saturated the French market in no time. They obviously wanted the assignat to depreciate to the point of becoming worthless, thereby destroying France’s ability to redress its finances. In the meantime, Rothschild was buying up the confiscated Church property sold at auction through his agents—mostly Dutchmen—who outbid everybody using their inexhaustible supply of fake assignats. When metal currency was re-established, Rothschild started reselling the properties for real money and buying up all the gold he could get his hands on. His eldest son, Nathan, was sent to open a bills of  exchange office in England in 1798, and that’s where all the gold went. The scam generated trillions of today’s dollars, but more importantly, in just a few years, Rothschild and his five sons controlled most of the gold in Europe. By 1810, Nathan was acknowledged by the City Bankers and the European leaders as being the most powerful man in the world.

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