The City not Fort Knox

The City is an area in central London,England. In the medieval period it constituted most of London. As the City’s boundaries have remained almost unchanged since that time, it is now only a tiny part of the metropolis, though it remains a notable part of central London and holds city status in its own right.

It is often referred to as the City or the Square Mile, as it is just over one square mile in area. The local authority for the City has some unusual responsibilities, such as having sole police authority for the City. The official head of the City is the Lord Mayor of the City of London, not to be confused with the Mayor of London. And it would appear that the City with all its great financial institutions and banks is the center of world financial power, not the FED in New York. We know it’s been a Rothschild stronghold since early 19th century because the daily price of gold has been fixed by the Rothschilds in that very fortress since 1810.


The City is really a country within a country, and when one realizes that over 150000 tons of gold have been mined since the start of our era and that at least 120000 tons are unaccounted for, one could take a good guess at where most of it is stashed.


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