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A blog people don’t read

My blog deals with the anomalies of modern history, or put another way, the macro history of the AD era. It can be considered controversial and even conspiratorial by some, but it aims mainly to show what a great world the bankers created in 1689. It follows that up by showing how HR stole the American pie in 1775 by creating a more sophisticated fiat banking system.

In the meantime, some entity seems bent on not having my blog or my book FED-ility circulated too widely, and a modern form of censorship comes to mind. I have blogged some 50 times, and the content should have aroused sentiment or curiosity, but so far, not a single comment.

This is a request to have anyone, who has read my blog and perhaps made a comment, to contact me directly at . In this way, I can at least check and see if I’m paranoid or not.

Thank you very much.

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