Wealth vs. Power

The Crown of England and theVatican each have a hundred if not a thousand times the assets of a Bill Gates, and yet, they have very little power. The oil sheiks have mountains of dollars, sums that would make Buffet’s pile look silly, and yet, they couldn’t build a fighter plane if their life depended on it. Only when one controls the monetary systems or the credit pump of the world does one have power.


Since forever, more than 150000 tons of gold have been produced in the world, and of that, at least 120000 tons are unaccounted for. We know that one man and his family have made a point of secretly accumulating gold since 1775. That man already possessed at least 500 tons of bullion in 1781. If we add to that that HR—that is the dynasty’s name—has been setting the daily price of gold out of the City in London for the last 200 years, we can assume that it controls a lot of physical gold. Furthermore, when all the currencies of the world were tied to the US Dollar at Bretton Woods in 1944, it meant that, unofficially, the US paper Dollar had replaced gold. It meant, therefore, that because HR was in charge of the US monetary system since the creation of the Bank of North America in 1781, it controlled all the monetary systems of the world. It would seem that only those people who have the missing 120000 tons of gold could reverse that situation, and since HR appears to be the dynasty that has all that gold in the vaults of its Central Banks, it means that that will never happen.


With wealth, one can only buy things, but with credit control, one can knock down GM, the Lehman Bros.,Greece, or the Euro and get the Chinese to grow skyscrapers instead of rice. Now, that’s power!


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