Full Steam Ahead

Once officially in control of the monetary system of the greatest market economy on earth in 1913, the bankers decided to put the pedal to the metal. All the American economy now had to do was grow. So the FED turned its full attention to creating market economies in Europe and China. Since I don’t want to be accused of conspiracy, I won’t say why the war to end all wars failed, why they had to take a second kick at the can—WWII— why the Pound was destroyed in 1929, and why the Japanese Empire was destroyed.

One thing is sure, when Bretton Woods was convened in 1944, Japan, China and Europe were on their way to becoming great market economies and the Pound no longer held sway. At the Bretton Woods conference, everyone agreed that the US fiat Dollar would be the only game in town; not only would all currencies be tied to it but it would become the world reserve currency. Paper had unofficially replaced gold worldwide.  

Now that we’ve explored how America and the US Dollar were created, maybe we could go back and see how, in Europe, in 1789, the bankers destroyed the very inefficient financial power of the times, the Catholic Church.


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